What Others Say

“Rob is our ‘Go-To’ PD. There is a lot of love for him on the show.”

John Redshaw, Series Producer, The Antiques Road Trip, BBC

“I would most definitely recommend Rob as he is amazingly talented, reliable and has a great personality.”

Karen Radford, Production Manager, The Hollyoaks Music Show, Lime Pictures

“Robert Foster is an exceptional cameraman, particularly in his instinctive and creative approach to “fly-on-the-wall” situations. Robert has the immediate ability to gel with the subject to be filmed, which always allows for a seamless transmission from first meeting to the process of filming. He also has that much appreciated quality of being able to merge into the background of a situation whilst capturing all that is going on around him”

Ross Wilson, Creative Director, Matchlight Scotland

“Robert…The Frontline video we worked on together turned out excellent. The lighting you did on the interviews was beautiful. The entire video was a wonderful success. My client was very happy. I really enjoyed working with you as usual, and when my next adventure brings me your way know that we will be working together again”.

Gordon Green, Executive Producer, IBM Digital Services, USA

“I have always found Robert and immensely creative and supportive lighting cameraman, dedicated to bringing craft and artistry to his work as well as being a loyal and dedicated member of the production team.

Tim Tate, Producer/Director, Interesting Film Co

“Biography: Harold Shipman – The Doctor of Death turned out very well and we got lots of praise from the Chicago bosses and also the Arts & Entertainment honchos, one of whom praised our program as having the best production values of all nine “serial killer” shows produced by Towers Productions. No small part of that is due to your stellar contributions”

Stuart Cleland, Producer, Towers Productions, Chicago

“At Towers Productions, we work with more than a hundred crews each year and when one takes the time to go above and beyond, such as BTF, we notice”

Josh Gershenson, Producer, Towers Productions, Chicago

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