We’re experienced in Multi-Camera Shooting, both for programmes, events and conferences, and in providing the teams and the equipment that will make a multi-camera project work smoothly. From the camera equipment and recording format to the crew, we’ll put together the right package, and we’ll even project manage the shoot for you if you want us to go further.

Many of our Multi-Camera shoots are with crews shooting and recording to separate cameras, and sync-locked. If you require a Live Mix production solution we can provide a team with a highly mobile Portable Production Unit to mix the cameras Live, and record to Hard Disc or VTR. Our Facilities can Stream the Live Mix to an internet or intranet site, or play out Live to Big Screens at events or conferences.

Given a suitable brief, we’ll help advise on the best way forward with the project, be it multi-cameras sync locked, a portable production package, or an Outside Broadcast Truck.

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