Robert Foster – Director Cameraman / DoP & Camera Operator

Favorite Film: Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” which is clever, often unexpected and has a great cast that make it fly, or “Kill Bill 2”, which is really dramatic and involving, and I remember how to do the “5-point exploding heart technique”!

Dream Car: A fully loaded Black Audi Q5, it’s awesome, and I have one!

Favorite Shoot: I’ve been really lucky to have been involved in countless fantastic and really enjoyable shoots including documentaries and entertainment shows all over the world. I guess one of my favorites has to be “Gary Lineker’s Golden Boots” (8 x half-hours). We spent several months filming Golden Boot winning world cup footballing legends around the world, visiting amazing football stadiums and internationals, and it really was a ball! A month in South America including Argentina and Brazil was Fab, and a morning run for me each day along the famous Copa Cabana Beach in Rio before we kicked off for filming was magic.

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?: A Monkey, cos I’m cheeky, can easily walk along tightropes, climb trees and can blend into the background, and I’ve got strong arms!

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